Having acquired the ISO/TS, ISO/9001 and ISO 45001 Quality Certificates guarantees the high standards required by international groups that purchase from SNAR. Quality and Safety politics is available sending a request to the following address [email protected]

Quality Managment


ISO 45001:2018

Quality Managment


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Managment


IATF 16949:2016


Snar has two laboratories with the most advanced technology to analyse all steel properties.
We carrying out laboratory tests of both the primary material and the finished product.

Our laboratories are able to test:

Chemical analysis through quantometric testing

(Proceedings PL.03-03 + PL.03-04)

Test of the metallographic structure

(Sep 1520 analysis of the quantity of perlite, metallographic dimension of the carbids, band of the carbids, I.LAB.004)(Proceedings PL.03-01)

Grain size test

(ASTM E 112 + UNI EN ISO 643)

Tensile strenght test

(Proceedings PL.03-06 + UNI EN ISO 6892)

Hardness test

(Proceedings PL.03-05 + UNI EN ISO 6508)

Decarburation test

(UNI EN ISO 3887)

Inclusion test

(UNI EN ISO 3244 + ASTM E45 )

Floodlight test

(Proceedings PL.03-08)

Roughness test

(DIN 4768)


Prodotto tailor-made

(customizzazione per specifica)

Velocità nelle consegne

(On Time Quantity e On Time Delivery rate superiore al 95%)

Magazzini prodotto finito e semi-lavorato molto elevati

Stoccaggi riservati con safety stock

Impianti sovradimensionati in grado di sopportare picchi di lavoro

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